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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Carpet Cleaning from Metcarpet Cleaners, Inc.

Carpet andUpholstery Cleaning

Professional cleaning greatlyextends the life of your carpets and fabrics, improving theirresiliency and keeping colors rich and vibrant. Flooring andfurniture are large investments that can easily be protected withour comprehensive selection of carpet and upholstery cleaningservices.

Our steam cleaning process is peformed in accordance with the requirement of the Institute of Inspection Restoration and Cleaning (IIRC) of which we are certified members. Our technicians have succesfully completed their courses and have been certified by the IIRC as carpet cleaning technicians. Our steam cleaning process is also the method recommended by The Rug and Carpet Institute (Dalton, Georgia).

We pre-spot your carpets using EPA approved and very effective detergent (emulsifier) formula that is citrus based (child and pet safe). This emulsifer is applied with a high pressure sprayer that breaks down and loosens the soil, grease and pathogens embedded in your carpet, and in most cases, takes care of the visible spots. Then, with our truck-mounted vacuum and steam cleaner, steam clean your carpets to 225 degrees. This assures not only the removal of all the debris, soil, oils, dirt, and pathogens in your carpet, but also assures the disinfection, cleanliness and rejuvination of your carpets. Our high-velocity truck-mounted vacuum removes 96% of the moisture left by the steam, and therefore your carpets are totally dried within two hours! The end result: FRESH, CLEAN AND HEALTHY CARPETS!

Spots Removal

Many times we find stains thatwill not come out just with steam cleaning. They will have to betreated with the appropriated chemicals before and/or aftercleaning the carpet. In many cases, there is a color loss fromfoods, bleach or natural light. In these cases color has to berestored by dying or tinting. We remove most of stains, howeversome spots are permanent. A last resource in these cases is toproceed with patching.

Carpet Protector

Carpet protector creates aninvisible shield around the carpet, keeping dirt from sticking tothe fibers. It makes carpet fibers more resistant to oil andwater-based stains. Also, it helps routine caring for the carpetmuch easier.

Pet Odor & Urine Damage

There are several levels of petodor and urine damage. We recommend treating the carpet for odorand urine damage be done before cleaning it. The reason is thatwater or moist will reactivate the urine producing odor orextending the affected area to other part of the carpet padding oreven the floor. Depending on the levels of odor and urine damage,full elimination of pet odor or urine damage may take up to twovisits.

We do not charge for the secondvisit

Affected areas are treated withenzymes that will "eat away" the urine present in the carpet;typically it takes 36 to 72 hours for these enzymes to workproperly. Serious urine damage will require to remove and replacethe pad, seal floor and trims, replace carpet tack, apply odoreliminator, and treat carpet to remove yellow color. Please call usalso for other kind of odors in the carpet or AC system, we willprobably be able to help you.

Carpet Swatches for Carpet Repair


Our carpet repairservices include:

  • Re-stretching
  • Patches
  • Padding Replacement
  • Spot Dyeing

Water Extraction Services caused by Leaking Pipes


Flooding can be cause by faultyplumbing, broken appliance or bad storms that push water inside thehouse, usually the basement. Water can damage carpets, padding,sub-floor and walls. The fastest you call for service the lesserthe damage. In addition to extracting water and drying we repairwater damages other than carpets.

Commercial CleaningServices

Put our advanced carpet andupholstery cleaning expertise to work for your company. A clean andodor-free place of business helps your company ‘s image andpromotes a healthier work environment. With flexible scheduling andextensive service capabilities, Metcarpet Cleaners, Inc., is thefirst choice in commercial flooring and fabric cleaning andmaintenance. We have over 12 years of experience cleaning andeodorizing variety of commercial carpets in restaurants, hotels,apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, hospitals and buses.

Contact ustoday to find out about corporateaccounts and the many ways we can meet your entire businessneeds.

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